Steel Mill

The largest user of lime in the world is steel manufacturing

Pulp & Paper Mill

Lime is an essential commodity in pulp and paper industry.


Limestone is one of those minerals. Quicklime and limestone products are applied to extract many of the other high value minerals.

Water and wastewater treatment

Water is undeniably one of the most essential substances on earth.

Sugar Mill

Lime is an essential product in the production of sugar from sugar cane and sugar beets.

Flue Gas Treatment

Lime, hydrated lime and limestone-based products are highly efficient reagents for capturing contaminants

Agriculture, Food and Food By-Products

Lime is commonly applied to enhance pH in soil, which will help increase agricultural output within the various soil conditions.

Chemical Industry

Lime products as raw material in the manufacture of many different chemicals.

Oil & Gas

Quicklime used in refining process to neutralize resulting sulfur impurities to reduce air pollution.

Road Pavement & Soil Stabilization

Lime, a quick and inexpensive chemical to improve strength and stiffness of soil in order to use it as a base or sub-base in road making.c


Lime and limestone are materials for civil engineers and contractors to create more comfortable living environment.

Rubber Industry

Calcium oxide acts as a dehydrating agent in rubber industries.