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Limestone is one of those minerals. Quicklime and limestone products are applied to extract many of the other high value minerals.
With the increasing growth of the population and demand of modern lifestyle, huge amounts of new minerals need to be produced annually for human being. Industries such as electronics, medicine, telecommunications, transportation and housing are the main consumers of quicklime. Lime products are mostly used to improve and refine metal elements and non-ferrous metals such as Zinc, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Silver and Aluminum in mining process. The application ranges from flotation or recovery of many non-ferrous ores and maintaining pH in cyanide solutions. Froth flotation process of metals need lime to ensure balanced pH condition in the leaching circuit. Lime product is also implemented in impurities precipitation and caustic generation mainly in Aluminum processing.
In addition, lime products is used for scrubbing acid gases from smelting operations in mining industry. This process is important to ensure the drying of waste sludge
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