Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays a significant role in the lime industry. Quality assurance has helped us fulfil our clients’ requirement on our lime performance. We believe that only quality products build trust and confidence with our customers, which, in turn, makes us staying competitive in the market. It helps to set and maintain quality standards by preventing problems to begin with.

We Are Well Equipped

Our management had invested important tools and machines to carry out daily testing for our limestone products. Our laboratory located at our plant in Gopeng, Perak which handled by a team of professionals who rigorously research and develop solid solutions to issues concerning the quality of limestone products.

Calcium carbonate formed in the earth’s crust in the form of limestone and dolomite. There are different composition as a result of the formation of the minerals as limestone is a naturally occurring substance. These variations need to be managed by detailed quality control and planning before the raw material is quarried.

We Ensure Consistency

The raw material (limestone) is then carefully checked throughout its processing, from crushing to supply of the final product.. Our lime is constantly sampled according to schedule to ensure the consistency of product quality throughout our process. Analysis takes place in RCI’s own laboratory and mainly involves establishing the chemical composition during production and ensuring that the final product has the required sizing and quality by clients.

Audited Precision

To ensure high-quality analysis, we carry out comparative controls in cooperation with accredited laboratories such as SGS and BV. In addition, scales and measuring instruments are continually calibrated and the traceability of reference material is ensured according to national and international standards. Besides, to ensure that our lab personnel is input with competitive skills, trainings and internal audit had been implemented.

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Quality Policy

RCI Lime is committed in the growth of customers’ success worldwide with our products, services and flexibility that customise industry standards for value and quality. We are keen to be the best in every aspect of lime industry, by implementing a culture of teamwork, trust, responsibility and transparency among employees and customers. RCI also ensures that the Quality Policy and associated procedures are understood by our employees through the introduction of the Quality Policy during the employee hiring and orientation process.

RCI Lime appreciates the value of consistent improvement – Setting missions and implementing values throughout the organization to ensure that we are capable to achieve every customer expectations. This is managed through a system of Quality Management certified to ISO9001:2015. Our team consist of engineers and technical experts supported by registered chemist will ensure every process and assurance step is carried out in accordance to up-to-date procedures and process controls. We have well equipped Chemical laboratory and professional chemist who work on shift to ensure our product conformity to specifications before sending to customers.

We treat every customer as an important customer and we strive to meet and where possible exceed expectations. We truly believe with our expertise and knowledge in lime industry for more than 30 years, we can provide an unforgettable, good business journey for each customer.