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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water is undeniably one of the most essential substances on earth.
In water and wastewater treatment plants, lime is commonly used in:-
• Water Softening
• pH adjustment
• Coagulation & Flocculation
• Disinfection and Purification
Pure water is crucial to sustain human life on earth. Milk of lime or lime slurry helps eliminating hazardous components, such as organic matter and metallic trace elements in water purification process. It also play an important in pH adjustment of water. When water is too acidic, metallic pipelines tend to damage easily. Hence, lime neutralizes the corrosive action of the dissolved carbonic acid by transforming it into a calcium formulation. When water is too alkaline, it forms scale and needs to be decarbonized. To ensure fast and effective reaction time, low particle size and high concentration of lime needed. Besides, the process of turning ground water into drinking water also need milk lime slurry to control the pH of water. Lime is more effective than other alkaline products as it is a natural element and offers greater flexibility in terms of water input quality.
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